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Rules on board


Few things to keep in mind when traveling on public buses in Iceland. 

  • Have the fare ready when you step on board the bus. It will make everything run quicker.

  • Give the bus driver time to look at the fare you are paying.

  • Be visible when the bus is approaching the bus stop. We recommend signaling the driver. 

  • Baby carriages have priority over bicycles. Please respect that and the space in the bus. 

  • Please use the back doors of the bus when leaving the bus. 

  • The drivers are not allowed to let people in or out the bus in other places than bus stops. It can create a lot of danger for passengers and other people in traffic and is forbidden by law. 

  • Consumption of food is not allowed on board the bus. It is permitted to bring drinks in closed containers. 

  • Show respect to your fellow passengers. 

  • Don't stand on the edge of the sidewalk when waiting for the bus. Especially during winter when it might be slippery.

  • Be prepared when the bus takes off or is stopping. Take a seat or hold on to the poles. 

  • Move towards the back of the bus if it is getting crowded. 

  • Show consideration for people who might need the seat more than you. 

  • Be alert when traveling with young children. 

  • Be aware that buses might be full during rush hours. It is a rare possibility you might have to wait for the next bus.

What can I bring on the bus?


Bikes are permitted on board, as long as there is room on the bus. A special space for bicycles, baby carriages and wheelchairs is in the middle of the bus. Please note that baby carriages and wheelchairs have priority access and cyclists may be asked to give up their space. In those cases, cyclists are offered to get an "exchange ticket" which they are able to use for the next bus. 


Scooters, rollerblades or skateboards are allowed on board, but it is strictly forbidden to use those objects inside the bus. Commuters are asked not bring objects or luggage which might cause damage to the bus or cause any inconvenience towards other passengers. The driver has the authority to remove passengers from the bus who do not follow these rules.

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